Hello! Thank you for stopping in!
My name is Ramona Pinnick and I LOVE freezing moments in time with my camera.

I am a natural light photographer . . . . who also happens to have a groovy flash when it is needed. ;)
After years of photographing my family and friends, with a timid little heart, I am following a dream . . photographing YOU.

I have been taking photos since the Christmas morning when I received my first camera . . . a Kodak 126 Instamatic! Woot! the joy of it all! It had a drop in film cartridge and little square flash bulbs and I was thrilled to torture my family with it!
In high school my art teacher "saw something in me" and handed me a 35mm film camera and taught me how to shoot everything, totally on manual (yikes!), and develop and print my own photographs. After that there was no stopping me!

Now with my Pro Canon camera in hand (and my editing expertise in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom) I am capturing the beauty of every day life all around me!

I am different from most photographers and I love it that way.
I will do the 'posed' photos you request but my joy is stepping back and documenting all the real emotions and joy as they happen! You won't get just a handful of photos from me!

I am a free spirit who laughs and loves to have fun . . and loves to be behind the camera creating and capturing all those special moments that bless our journey through this life. I never stop learning and I never stop picking up my camera to SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!
What can you expect from a photo session with me? Lots of laughter, lots of fun, and probably lots of "Oh my gosh! You should see how beautiful this shot is!"
I LOVE what I do! :)

What moments do YOU want to capture for a lifetime? Grab your Mom, your grandmother, your family, your love and if not me, then pick your favorite photographer and document your life, your emotion, this moment, frozen,. . . so you can revisit it every day, forever! PRICELESS!